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FREE, Self-paced Art Tour

Visit artists and see where art comes alive in neighborhoods near White Rock Lake.

Over fifty artists and 4 art centers: Visit art studios and see work in all its stages. Talk to artists about ideas, processes, and materials. Explore the places where art happens!



In 1992 on a fall weekend 6 artists in the White Rock Lake area opened their studios to the public. That humble beginning has continued and grown while providing a rewarding experience for art enthusiasts of all ages. The mission of the Tour is to open connections and understanding about art and artists who work in our community.


The artists extend a giant THANK YOU to our local business sponsors. With their help we gain funds for PR, printing and web production. We are encouraged by their community spirit and love for the arts. Please VISIT our Sponsors. See locations and other details on our Sponsor page.


This popular art event is located in neighborhoods that surround White Rock Lake. The area is east of downtown Dallas and is known for its natural beauty, native forests and historic city lake. Visit artists in their studios and learn first-hand why the area is a haven for visual artists.